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Hi, I'm Aaron

       Like most kids in the early 2000s, I had but one thing on my mind - becoming a famous Minecraft YouTuber. While my subpar YouTube career might have flopped, my love for creating never ceased.

       After three years of college and finally landing an internship, I realized I would never be happy in a traditional job. I then decided to pick up my old camera and not let failure be an option again.

       I started out shadowing other photographers in my area. Every chance I had, I was trying to find an excuse to shoot something new and grow my skills. I have since fallen in love with the process creating compelling stories, learning new techniques, and growing relationships with both my clients and other creatives. 

       I am currently based out of Orange City, IA. However, I am always excited for opportunities to shoot elsewhere. I think the best moments in life are spontaneous and imperfect, so I try to embody that in my photography. I would describe my style as moody, high-contrast, spontaneous, and emotive.

       Now that you know me, I would love to learn more about you!

Self-portrait of Aaron Eckmann in mirror


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